Hello there, this is an update about Area 52 – Ex Terra and the plans we have laid for the near and mid-term future.

I am contacting you because you have either registered an interest on the website in this project or have JOINED as a member of Area 52 – Ex Terra and now I would like to suggest how we are to steadily walk further on this path of spiritual progress and leave the Old Worn and Tired World behind.


Area 52 was ceremonially birthed on the 21st of June 2023 and the website launched around July 4th 2023. A great deal of time and effort and thinking has gone into the web site, and we are about to add some new features to it and so this is again advanced notification to you of this event.

The site broadcasts an ideology that soon a newer way of living on this planet might be needed and to date, even over this short 4-month period, this has proven to be quite true. The predicted events have begun to unfurl and with increasing tensions and war [and the effects of “the poison death shots” now beginning to manifest], the world, not the planet is on a precipice of destruction. Many events and timelines are converging from Biblical prophecy engineered to a playbook, as well as astronomical events that happen because they do! There are man-made acts of “god” as well as naturally occurring events adding to the mix as well as a combination of “wild-cards” being played. All in all, it is impossible for an individual’s “conventional mind” to steer any course though all of this, best therefore to seek help and we encourage you to stay healthy throughout this most turbulent period and lose all dependency upon the allopathic slaughterhouse built by Big Pharma stalked by executioners in white coats!

If you wish to find out more and enrol on the project for free AS A MEMBER OF AREA 52, then please email us at and we will send a participants form to you.