When can this be possible?

“When will Area 52 be ready to provide the activities, protection and services promised?”

An Exodus is underway, can you feel the pull on your reigns

Naturally, due to the urgency of the situation on Earth an “unblocking” of protocols had to be undertaken, otherwise most human life on the planet was set for extinction. The currency of the Universe you may be surprised to know, is not the Japanese Yen, nor the Chinese Renminbi, or the American Dollar. These small green pieces of paper are constantly being moved around seemingly to try to make the world a better or happier place, but it is NOT these small green pieces of paper that are unhappy! It is the people handling them which are

Free Energy – Banking Services – Money to Spend – Drivers licenses – Passports – ID etc are all lined up and ready for you. The only delay is the processing of your Information to Complete the database in order to create these for you! Area 52 – Ex Terra is ready for its new intake. An Exodus event is taking place allowing all of you who wish to, to take on a new identity, a declaration of release from the Luciferian Agenda that is fast wrapping everyone and thing in its steel like web. Time is not on your side – it is now time to leave! Prepare now. Do not sleep longer – the camel train has already departed and yet you still lie on your mat! Awaken fool…run! Run!