Sea Cabels

Sea Cabels


All seabed cables that pass via Area 52 - Ex Terra marine areas are subject to a tax of 1p per Megabyte of traffic content and 1ReSDR per nautical mile per hour from date of the birth of the Newest Nation on Planet Earth/Urth being 21st June 2023 - Mid Atlantic Time: Astronomical Twilight UTC 03:28 hrs

Importance of Submarine Cables -

Currently 99% of the data traffic that is crossing oceans is carried by undersea cables. The reliability of submarine cables is high, especially when (as noted above) multiple paths are available in the event of a cable break. Also, the total carrying capacity of submarine cables is in the terabits per second, while satellites typically offer only 1,000 megabits per second and display higher latency. However, a typical multi-terabit, transoceanic submarine cable system costs several hundred million dollars to construct.

As a result of these cables' cost and usefulness, they are highly valued not only by the corporations building and operating them for profit, but also by national governments. For instance, the Australian government considers its submarine cable systems to be "vital to the national economy". Accordingly, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has created protection zones that restrict activities that could potentially damage cables linking Australia to the rest of the world. The ACMA also regulates all projects to install new submarine cables.

Submarine cables are important to the modern military as well as private enterprise. The US military, for example, uses the submarine cable network for data transfer from conflict zones to command staff in the United States. Interruption of the cable network during intense operations could have direct consequences for the military on the ground.

How We Generate Our Revenue

A Tax an the hypocritical Co2 "tax on breathing" lobby

Simmilar revenue calculation appyly to Marine freight passing via Area 52
@ 1p per NM
@ 1p per DWT
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