Directed Intention Voiced Or Recited Communicating Exit

Why Not Make Your Decree Nisi into a Decree Absolute and then fly freely?

Enough of the "Emperor's New Clothes" compliance group think psychosis Enough of the world group-mind pervasive "Stockholm Syndrome" holding you back & making you fearful of your own face in the mirror!

You cannot negotiate or reason with tyranny! Do not EVER give it the "benefit of the doubt" - it means you harm - it is insanity on cocaine! LEAVE IT NOW! TIME TO GET OUT!

Declaration of DIVORCE is a First Step - A Call to Guardian Evacuation Teams

Time to GET Out now by invoking help from Guardian Evacuation Teams (GET)

A decree nisi or rule nisi (from Latin nisi 'unless') is a court order that will come into force at a future date unless a particular condition is met. Unless the condition is met, the ruling becomes a decree absolute (rule absolute), and is binding. Typically, the condition is that an adversely affected party provide satisfactory evidence or argument that the decree should not take effect (i.e. the decree takes effect unless the party shows that it should not). For that reason, a decree nisi may also be called a rule, order or decree to show cause.

Using the example of a divorce, the wording of such a decree is generally in the form of "that the marriage solemnized on (date) between AB and CD, be dissolved by reason of (grounds) UNLESS sufficient cause be shown to the court why this decree should not be made absolute within six weeks". This allows time for any party who objects to the divorce to come forward with those objections. When no objection is raised by either party, an automatic dissolution takes effect.

The term is used in many common law jurisdictions, but is more common in the United Kingdom than in the United States In most common law jurisdictions, a decree nisi must be obtained in possession proceedings before the court will order foreclosure under a mortgage enforcement.

This form of ruling has become a rarity in recent times, with few exceptions: in some jurisdictions, it is still a standard stage of divorce proceedings. In Hong Kong, and in England and Wales, section 1 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 provides that "Every decree of divorce shall in the first instance be a decree nisi and shall not be made absolute before the expiration of six months from its grant", and section 9(1) allows any person (including the King's Proctor), before the decree is made absolute, to "show cause why the decree should not be made absolute by reason of material facts not having been brought before the court".

In England and Wales, the minimum interval between the granting of decree nisi and that of decree absolute was amended by the Family Law Act 1996 and is now six weeks. In practice, courts use an interval of six weeks and one day.

You Create Your Own Statutory Declaration Signifying Exit From Bondage and Birth Recycling

A statutory declaration is a legal document defined under the law of certain Commonwealth nations and in the United States. It is similar to a statement made under oath, but it is not sworn.

Statutory declarations are commonly used to allow a person to declare something to be true for the purposes of satisfying some legal requirement or regulation when no other evidence is available. They are thus similar to affidavits, which, however, are made on oath.

Depending on jurisdiction, statutory declarations can be used for:
  • Declarations of identity, nationality, marital status, etc. when documentary evidence is unavailable.
  • Declaring the intention to change one's name.
  • Statements of originality for patent applications.

“Helping Suns to Remember Just Who They Really Are.”



The following document has been prepared for you to help you reject & then secure yourself from false presumptions and coercions currently subjugating you and forcing you to fall in line with a systemic and orchestrated plan to have you designated and conditioned as a slave of a corporate fascist-totalitarian state secretly manipulated behind common view by off planet entities who consider the “human species” a virus. Whether you like it or not, believe it or not is irrelevant – like not believing in gravity or that there are fish in the sea because you cannot see them from the beach. Like it or not a full-on program of Humanicide is being practiced upon you, and has been in play for many years, and as in a bad marriage: “You’re always the last to know!”

Do you think it any coincidence that for the past 30 years computers have been “deliberately” infected with so called “viruses” so that the word itself becomes synonymous with fear? The next leg down towards the “Pit of Hell” begins with the same word used to make you ever fearful and reticent to even touch your dying partners hand in times of need? You are being played by a very complex and advanced society of alien beings who are now in the final throws of decimating the human race.

The document below ( DOWNLOAD PDF) is your DIVORCE DECREE ABSOLUTE. I suggest you print it off,sign it and deliverit to any Agent/Officer/Personar you choose. This is where “the rubber finally hits the road” and you “actually do something” about all those things that displease you about this world, the insane world of man’s ego, and the way it is being run over you, by allowing you to simply reach out to Higher Creative Authority and finally disperse this hopelessness you feel, which gnaws at you every day of your life. So,…

  • Sign or autograph it– then….
  • DELIVER TO [your titular head of state, police department, etc] in the country in which you dwell and have a previous nationality allegiance to via birth or naturalisation

The Self-Declaratory Nature of Sovereignty

The G2O2P3 Treaty Agreement is part of Area 52 – Ex Terra (ET) Protocol

The G2O2P3 Treaty Agreement*(s) and this Declaration of DIVORCE** reside in Area 52 – Ex Terra & protect me from all Incursions & potential violations of my spiritual inheritance by malevolent planetary agents, ET intruder forces and political/religious ideologies & agencies to which I have NOT given an express written consent to interact with me.

An Area 52 – Ex Terra Initiative

“Christal Clear Intention Communicated to Tyrannous World Government(s) and All Agencies That I Now Remove Myself from Their Mind Traps, Snares, Presumptions and Manmade Laws with Which They Have Hobbled and Obstructed Me from Realising My True Inheritance”.

- Declaration of Divorce -

(Directed Intention Voiced or Recited Communicating Exit)

Presented as a

Statutory Declaration and/or Affidavit proclaiming my…

Inviolable Human Sovereignty


“Is Not My Freedom Guaranteed by God Himself!”

“Politics is nothing more than your highest held spiritual belief.”