There is no longer any Rule of Law – if arguably there ever was. Fast disappearing is the thin icy veneer of fairness and justice which was used as a transparent mask of deception, a hardly visible offering within society to placate the masses enough to provide some hope, but not too much – with a mindset to best not to look to hard or too deeply into the dark-glass – which aided the Oppressors to manipulate, control and poison “The Plan of the Elders” for Millenia. As it was in Lemuria so is it now. As it was in Atlantis, so is it now and before that, as it was on Harmonic Universe 2 (HU2) Tara, so again does it seem now. The race memory and the behaviours of the human species have failed time and time over to make any meaningful impact upon the Veil of Darkness that the Creator has drawn over their minds allowing them to Play the Game in Time & Space, of “What am I?”

The problem really runs much deeper and is much darker than it appears. These “people” socially engineering the society in which we all live, contrary to what you think, are Not like us. They have narcissistic psychopathic tendencies and are viciously territorial and have an exceptionally low moral baseline. They are sociopathic and many in positions of power and government are cloned and have had bio-neurological development inserted into them to make them appear like you but to have “a no regret – no matter what” attitude. Devoid of all compassion, many childless, they lock you down, they inject your children with poison and allow your elderly to die alone devoid from medical assistance in sterile old people’s homes as if that was all normal. This will NOT stop. It will only get worse. This is Planetcide – a systemic destruction of a planetary population and terra-form, with the aim of taking full control.

Slowly and surely the veil is drawn over your perceptions and you are manipulated by screens until you are truly already living in a virtual reality world: Zuckerberg and Metaverse is awaiting you and this is the State they wish to take you to, I would like to offer an alternative! That’s where Area 52 comes in.

Covid Free Zone – Vaxx Free Zone – WHO Free Zone – NATO/UN/IMF/WORLD BANK Free Zone

It cannot be overstated enough that the Control Grid of the planetary ruling or controlling elite has taken on an overt enormity and aggression not before seen in the past several hundred years. In this time cycle of End of Days they are playing hard-ball and playing for keeps and trying to facilitate the capture of soul entities for The Harvest. Many people have now chosen sides and many that are choosing NOT to follow the herd find they have nowhere to go and nowhere to turn to for protection, safety or solace. That’s why Area 52 Ex Terra Has Been Created for You! It is a safe-haven area designated as Holy Ground via Divine Mandate and a collective of Extra Terrestrials, Ultra Terrestrials and Meta Terrestrials

All alphabet agencies of the Ruling Clan Elite are prevented and forbidden to act with or towards any Citizen of Area 52 – Ex Terra under penalty of infringement of Galactic and Karmic Law invoked by “Taking Citizenship on Holy Ground” or “Whole Ground”.

Why not Join

The WHY of Area 52 - The Harvest

Once set in motion, and in order to aid the morose, bovine and apathetic herds who graze the corridors of Karma and time, catalyst must be applied to show and prove action over words. The time of FENCE-SITTING HAS EXPIRED and there is no standing still on a tight-rope: Evolution or Devolution that’s the choice. It is not easy to say, “I hate you” than to tell someone "I Love You" but the Universe cannot be fooled or hoodwinked with words - vibrational “proof actions” are required – This is the reason behind all that is occurring before your eyes in the current Omega Cycle of The Harvest. G.E.T. Out – Guardian Evacuation Teams are preparing your exit

As the crushing oppression of the Super States becomes more draconian and intentionally offensive to the human psyche by the day and we look back and examine the devolutionary spiral, just over the past 150 years, we see that we have gone from World War 1 to world War 2, then to a scheming deliberate manipulation of social and societal norms by the large corporations given licence to kill and hand in hand with Big Government and the Military Industrial complex of which we were warned of by both Eisenhower and Kennedy, and we have ended in the Cul-de-Sac of problems confronting us today. Therefore, my good friend – That’s Your Why? Now for the What!


Increased global poverty, increased depression, sickness and mortality created by a regime that deliberately creates autism via Ultra sound scanning of foetuses at 6, 12 and 20 week periods: increased surveillance and oversight, state fascism and communism gone rife, threats via coercion, bullying, conspiracy and assassinations to conform or be silenced. Those telling the truth or “whistle blowing” are now the problem and those in positions of power sell you all out for a nickel.

Up is down and black is white. Societal norms are crushed under the wheels of the corporate fascist machine, and nothing makes sense or is allowed to make sense. You and yours are kept on the back foot, continuously REACTING to mind-numbing non-sensical edicts and “woke agendas” promoted by toxic media “presstitute” platforms, imposed upon you. The elections are rigged via the ruse of “Secret Ballot” possibly the biggest con, apart from the “money scam” that the Rothchild’s ever came up with. Ongoing problems are all at the hands of a small coterie of Zionist Khazarian Jewry of whom many have warned us about, but few seen capable of protecting us from. Why is this?