G2O2P3 Treaty Protection

G2O2P3 Treaty Protection

The G2O2P3 Treaty Agreement 2019

The G2O2P3 Treaty is a protective discourse offered by The Council of Worlds and The Alliance, in this Galactic Region, to the current planetary populations under threat of attack which are dwelling within the time space continuum referred to a Urth/Earth D – 3 frequency fields/bands

The Council of Worlds

The Council of Worlds is a loosely derived collective of well intentioned, harmless and helpful beings (Extra Biological Entities as well as light beings and beings that are even beyond that, operating as a consciousness or gestalt or Social Memory Complex) seeking to assure the inhabitants of juvenile and infant worlds of protection from the incursions of more sophisticated, predatory and technologically developed species, who seek to pervert, derail, interfere or totally dominate and adversely affect the social, spiritual and moral evolution of indigenously seeded lifeforms/Inhabitants in their “Gardens of Eden”.

This Treaty is offered to all but can only be actioned if sufficient entities have made a meaningful call or invocation to have “something” intervene to help them. This is commonly referred to by The Council as “The Call”. It is different to prayer and it is not addressed to "gods" or God.

The Call operates on the Universal Law of The Square. The percentage on the planet making The Call must reach a certain threshold before intervention can take place on a grand scale, but on a smaller personalised scale help is ever at hand and available.

The Law of the Square functions to place a positive skew on the numbers calling.

An example: If just 10 people make a call for intervention the number equates to approximately 1,012 calls. 10 squared with an additional group conscious generated effect. In this world therefore 1 and 1 are not 2.

The Call accelerates and ensures that at certain points in time which have been designated as “tipping points or Alpha or Omega points” [i.e. “when catalyst is applied to help undecided souls make a choice between “Service to Self or Service to Other” polarisation for continued development], that the rogue and more aggressive ET factions [who perceive humankind as a virus species to be prevented from escaping the laboratory or petri dish of Earth], within the sector are prevented from total domination and achieving covert control of planetary populations before this polarisation can be achieved. The Law allows a faster and more assured response time than conventionally imagined.

The Call operates on the Universal Law of The Square. The percentage on the planet making The Call must reach a certain threshold before intervention can take place on a grand scale, but on a smaller personalised scale help is ever at hand and available.


World’s come into being and lapse from the Creative Framework naturally and continually, however the Grand Scheme calls for continuous growth, evolution and development of the Universe and the Omni-versal Plan for the “Sublimation of the Divine FACE”.

This face is what many of you would refer to the face of Good or God. In essence it is each and everyone of you, us and them…Ultimately the curtain will fall on the stage, the actors will bow, the audience applaud and the players EXIT Stage left to become One with Oneness. However, the Oneness is in eternity and not in time and time can, at times, seem endless, unfair, immovable and unending. Your world is currently old, tired and worn out and needs to be reordered,

In the Greater Scheme of things the plans are made, timetables set and planets, peoples and all life either evolves or devolves – that is everything’s choice and is inviolate – being the First Law of the Universe, “Allow each soul to walk its own path!”

As there is no standing still on a tight rope to this end, as mentioned previously CATALYST, at times, needs to be applied to bring parties' choices to conclusion, and force the evolutionary process, somewhat. You are now at such a “Tipping Point” and being covertly manipulated by malevolent ET and E.B.E forces whom mean you harm.

Their Plan - Includes You but Excludes You

United Intruder Resistance Forces have been planning for Millenia to steal your planet to which you owe everything, from under your very feet without you ever suspecting it to be so by using guile, trickery, deception, diversion, AI and sophisticated time space travel and manipulation of your reality fields which are nothing but frequency fields, to effect this end. Everything is vibration and those entities poised against you understand very well the "nature of reality" and intend to use this knowledge against you.


The nature of the soul essence is something that many of you have little idea of as you have been manipulated with false teachings from your corrupted and ego-centric Church leaders. The ET Groups plan to steal your soul energy and disconnect you from Source and from your Soul Matrix ,in effect cutting you off from the planetary grid and its morphogenetic field, preventing you from attaining any further form of spiritual development or evolution: in short creating a phantom virtual reality for you in which your “mind, emotions and social scene” has been holographically uploaded into a Cloud of VR in which you “calmly reside”.

Have you ever wondered why they created the Cloud, and what Microsoft's Band is for and why Google Glasses are necessary? You are planned to by UPLOADED to another reality.

The Plan is Formulated over Aeons

How it works:

  • “They” visit
  • “They” approach
  • “They” lure
  • “They” promise
  • “They” raise up
  • “They” reveal
  • “They” coerce
  • “They” create an Elite or Chosen People
  • “They” use the Elites to deliver the populations up into their hands and provide whatever is required to get the “job done!”
  • “They” use the Elites to control their own and always The Game is played out the same – so, if you’ve seen it once you’ve seen it forever!

Always the same maybe, but this does not prevent the same pattern. It is analogous to the young man who becomes middle aged and then old who continuously uses the magic trick he learned when he was in his teens, to deceive the small child at the Christmas or birthday party – the Buddhist would call it: “Deceiving a child with and empty hand” or with the “coin behind the ear” – it just never fails to amuse or work!

Your present COVID 19 play act exemplifies this to the utmost example and shows how susceptible you all are to a "takeover!"

The Solution

If it were not for the continuous intervention of Higher Dimensional Beings (H.D.B) and the Gestalt energy beings from HU5 and above your species upon this planet would have disappeared Millenia ago. You have lots to be grateful for – we do not ask for adoration as this is misplaced between equals but a modicum of gratitude is well deserved by your Brothers and Sisters of the Higher Dimensions.

These beings are here to help you now – the time for prevarication is finished.

You need to become adults fast and leave your childish play pen and toys behind.

It is time for you to wake up and save yourselves from what would appear inevitability.

The Guardian Alliance will help anyone who asks but we will not help those who will not help themselves – why would we? How could we without violating the First Universal Law – “Allow each soul to walk its own path!”

The Call

To this end The Call is requested as a small indication genuinely made from the heart of the recognition that you cannot help yourself and that The Atonement Principle and hence Great Spirit can intervene, try to assist and help you.

The Divine Plan continues

The Outcome is Inevitable

The Result assured

The only thing missing is you.

The Purpose of the Call is to continually remind the Players in the Game that no matter how fool-proof they think their plans to be, we can always assure them that they are most certainly NOT God Proof!

We leave you now in the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator.

I am The Unity of Days

I am that I am not