What we are offering to our Citizens

Ex Terra


What we are offering to our Citizens

Area 52 Governance provides everything positively supportive found within your current Nation State but softer, kinder and just enough to allow you to function as a dual National within your current geographical region/State/Country... until you no longer wish to!


As a Citizen of Area 52 we will issue you, if requested, a passport. The passport is a necessary part of you new found identity, along with you other documentation and helps you to move and travel by conforming to the necessary protocols imposed by those who presently control borders, travel vehicles and crossings

Drivers Licence

When you become a Citizen of Area 52 – Ex Terra we will ask you to deregister your car within the current country in which it is registered and then re-register it with The Vehicle Service of Area 52. This will allow us to offer you New International Drivers Licence identity and Exclusive Property Rights..

Number Plates

As referred to above, you will be issued with a set of number plates for your vehicle and also a new set of registration documents. Road worthiness is to be checked and verified using the same current protocols in the country in which you presently reside with the vehicle

ID Cards

As well as your driving licence and passport we will also issue to those (Citizens) who request one, an ID card, with photo and confirmation of Citizen Status of “The New Nation State Area 52 – Ex Terra” to facilitate roadside stops, requests for proof of ID and for use as you see fit, as we transition from 3D to 4D vibration.


We therefore offer a sequence of Interdimensional blocks, protections, veils, gates, checks and assistance delivered on the 4D plane via Keylontic Technology and is there to ensure that you are allowed to customise yourself in your New Nursery.


A special social security code will be issued to you and we will show you how to access the CUSIP numbers and additional information so as to access your previously assumed to have been abandoned Trust estate.


We offer you the status of Diplomatic Immunity and Diplomatic Status under The Montevideo Convention on The Rights and Duties of a State, 1933 as well s under The Convention. This allows you to walk with a more assured and confident manner within your current domestic environment.


The medical community generally, allopathic medicine and so-called “cures”, are anything but. Hospitals are death houses and you have a greater chance of dying when entering a hospital than a prison.


Administered by WeRe Bank of England LINK: all banking, finance, revenue and taxation of external players is overseen by the relevant governmental department of “Area 52 – Ex Terra”.